Giving A Speech About Blockchain – 4 Tips


Are you concerned about your audience’s reception in your upcoming blockchain presentation? Does it concern you that they may find your presentation boring, or too technical to apprehend? Then this piece may be of great help.

Contrary to popular belief the blockchain concept is relatively simple. Many who have opened their minds to understand the concept have seen a dire need for its application. The technology is already cutting across industries ranging from health, finance, and energy. Blockchain is set to alter more as it continues to be adopted.

As adoption spreads, more demand for information regarding blockchain will upsurge. That means more blockchain conferences and speaker circuits. You see, industry leaders will need to know how blockchain will affect them.

Blockchain as a topic itself may be exciting, but the same cannot be said of its presentations. Even for the most brilliant technologist, being able to articulate the concept clearly to non-experts without being monotonous can be a daunting task.

But gladly, we have some guidelines or tips that can help your presentation.

Be Versatile In Your Speech

Speakers often work excessively on a speech, then give the word for word. Reading scripts without adapting to the audience needs is old and boring. Learn to improvise.

You could be prepared to talk about blockchain in the financial sector, then you find out the last minute that majority of the room will be filled with doctors and engineers. The examples in your speech might need a change. It would be more relatable if you spoke of blockchain application in their respective sectors.

You could also switch depending on the crowd number. A small crowd demands a bit of intimacy. You have to be down to earth and more personable in small crowd situations.

Focus On What Excites You Most

There are several ways you could use in your blockchain presentation approach. But what matters most is whether they will work. One of the proven ways is focusing on your strength and how it relates to blockchain.

For instance, if you are a cryptographer, focus on the small details behind blockchain algorithms that audience don’t know. If in finance, talk about how the system is disrupting the old financial institutions and in what ways. Simply put; share what you know.

Never Over-Rehearse

Equipment will let you down when you least expect. You have no idea how many presentations have been cut short when equipment breaks down, and speakers couldn’t move on because they heavily relied on the equipment or rehearsed heavily.

You need the information at the back of your end without cramming. Work with examples and develop a train of thought. A good speaker makes his speech unique from his last.


Tone Down Your Ego

People took time to turn up and listen to you. Don’t be proud of it.

Many speakers think that they deserve to be treated accordingly once they reach this stage. Condescending A/V assistants and refusing to adapt to presentations is a sign of an ego issue.

Be kind and humble; it’s a trait that audience find impressive.

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