Binance Injects $3 Million In A Cryptocurrency Trading Desk


Binance, is so far the source of the biggest news in the crypto market this week. This is after the body responsible for their ventures made a big announcement. Binance is investing huge sums of money in Koi Trading, a major over-the-counter crypto trading desk in the US.

The Deal Between Koi Trading And Binance

In a press statement released on the 20th of November 2018, Binance announced that it had injected an investment worth $3 million into Koi Trading. This might just be a small sum for Binance, in its status as the world largest crypto exchange, but still a notable one.

With its head offices in San Francisco, CA, Koi Trading has established itself as one of the best over-the-counter trading operations. Their main objective is to be a compliant international choice for the liquidity of private cryptos. In addition to all that, Koi also helps with compliance consulting services, quantitative research, and data assistance.

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Bridging The Cryptos And Fiat

The decision taken by Binance to invest in Koi Trading has been received well in the entire market. Besides that, the senior officials at these two global firms are confident they have made the best investment decision. This has been evident in the statement released by Ella Zhang, who is the head of Binance Labs.

Zhang stated that the mission of Koi Trading is to bridge the crypto and fiat in a manner that is compliant. This is in line with some of the missions that Binance had ealier set. One of such mission was to develop an infrastructure that would offer international value exchange freedom. It has just happened through the investment deal. Koi Trading is led by a team of professionals including Hao Chen, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer.

The Prevalence Of OTC In The Crypto Markets

China has one of the most prevalent over-the-counter trading. This is even after the previous bans, complications, and regulations that were set on crypto exchanges. A popular Chinese chat app, WeChat is currently used to coordinate a number of Chinese OTC crypto operations. However, some of these techniques do not give the users a professional and easy-to-use option, which they can fully trust. The collaboration of Koi Trading and Binance Lab is set to assist in fixing some of the problems faced in the OTC trading. When that it is achieved, it would be the best option the world can trust.

The Next Market Nexus

Hao Chen strongly believe that Koi Trading is the next market nexus in the world crypto market. it would lower information asymmetry and trust and intergrade the cryptocurrency over-the-counter deal. With a rich banking relations in the United States, a good AML program, Koi Trading is just the next big thing. Its strong trust amongst crypto users and traders in China and the new Binance investment deal are other things to consider.

Koi also plans to tap into other markets such as EU, North America and Asia. Outside China, the over-the-counter market is seriously booming, even as the bear market continues.

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