Best Time For Cryptocurrencies?


The cryptocurrency environment has been quite undesirable for many traders the past two years. Many of these traders have lost interest and many have been reduced to spectators, watching crypto development from the sidelines. Despite these shortcomings, the industry has been evolving and ticking, all along.

After the hullabaloo of ICOs and two year downswing of cryptocurrencies. It’s amazing to see things picking again. The much needed breather is over and finally, the market is prime and ready to boom once again, perhaps better than last time.

The difference with other times is- there are more options of better technological tools and safer infrastructure.

Skeptical Traders

Its understandable that some traders chose to take the back seat the last couple of years and have since hesitated in engaging in any crypto trade. It was a decision that any sane person would contemplate especially after witnessing a year-long chaotic crypto market that saw it lose 88% of its market value.

Anyone would run away from such a market. It’s the type of market where exchanges shut their doors, influencers leave, organizations fail and people panic because of the extreme unpredictability of the markets.

To top it off, the technological landscape of cryptocurrencies was still very young. Trading in crypto required you to figure out a combination of complex tools. Even for the veterans who could successfully navigate, many experienced difficulty in executing their moves efficiently.

Trading Picking Up Again

Now, you can’t really convince an adamant and cautious trader. As down as it went, bitcoin never reached rock bottom, though it lost a considerable amount of its value. A lot of investors have been trading away. And today, more cryptocurrency is being traded than in any other time.

Taking a look back over the last couple of years at the amount of crypto traded in a day. At the height of all the crypto frenzy, when bitcoin’s price was at $20,000, trading volume reached a $60 billion peak.

Although the price hasn’t recovered to it’s hey days, the volume has picked up. And dramatically for that case. Mid 2019 recorded the highest trading volume ever and May 16th saw double the 24-hour trading volume reached at the peak of 2018.

It’s not just about the price going back to its peak, but rather the amount of crypto being traded. It’s the biggest we have witnessed yet. And high liquidity markets and more opportunities for profit in 2019.

Bitcoin price

A Prime Market For Trading

The maturing trading environment is another reason for such an explosion in crypto  trading. Everything being needed is being provided, right from tools and infrastructure to technologies. Needless to say, organizations are also understanding the crypto trade better and are quickly falling to place and making the whole trading experience better than before. The complex and disparate trading tools are merging into a integrated and functional ecosystem.

So, what can we say but that things are getting heated up for crypto in 2019. The digital currency market is today more alive than ever before. It has survived the long winter and much needed corrections. And now it’s garnering up for a run that may perhaps smash its past records. Godspeed crypto

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