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The Rumors of Cryptojacking’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated

Thank heavens for crypto, or we wouldn’t have two of the greatest cybersecurity scourges of the 21st century: ransomware and cryptojacking. Ransomware was the cybercriminal’s darling in 2017, followed shortly by illicit cryptomining aka cryptojacking in 2018. Now that crypto prices are in the toilet (relatively speaking), it seems that cybercrooks may be shifting back […]
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bitcoin cash

Unavoidable Conclusion from Bitcoin Cash 51% Attack: ‘Bitcoin…has no value’

Earlier this month (May 2019), two mining groups joined together and mounted a successful 51% attack on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) crypto. Perhaps you heard about this news, or perhaps you didn’t (I found out about it via this Cointelegraph article). The reason for the crypto community’s underwhelming response might be that the motivations of […]
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crypto scam

Things Crypto Scammers Say

There are basically two kinds of people in the crypto world today: scammers and their marks. Not a scammer? Well, then, you’re a mark. If you haven’t already fallen for one of the multitude of crypto scams out there, here’s a quick guide to identifying a scammer. If you hear somebody saying any of the […]
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Who Pays for Bitcoin Mining?

Of all the properties of Bitcoin, the one that always seemed the most magical was how miners got paid in Bitcoin seemingly out of nowhere. Abracadabra! As the value of Bitcoin (or any other proof-of-work crypto) goes up, so too do the rewards. It’s like being able to print your own money, right? Just one […]
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Who Loves Crypto? North Korea, That’s Who

What is cryptocurrency really good for? Let’s ask the North Koreans. Raising funds from criminal activities and evading sanctions are two of North Korea’s most significant uses of crypto, according to the recently published report Closing the Crypto Gap: Guidance for Countering North Korean Cryptocurrency Activity in Southeast Asia from the Royal United Services Institute […]
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