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Blockchain Trends

The Top 2019 Blockchain Trends

2019 presents a new set of Blockchain trends and benefits for the community and as usual, new trends are followed by Blockchain development companies and businesses. A report by IDC shows that by October 2018, at least $1.5 billion had already been spent by technologies like the Ethereum and Hyperledger. The number is projected to […]
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The Future Of Crypto Is More Than Meets The Eye

Its 2019 and crypto proponents continue to throw jabs at the industry. Crypto marches on. The year started off well and major currencies like bitcoin are reporting positives. In fact, if the recovery continues in the remaining days, February will be the first positive month since July 2018. There is no guarantee of a stable […]
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Will Coinbase Partner Google In The Future?

Coinbase has been in the crypto business almost from the start. The firm has made a name for itself in the crypto arena providing a safe and regulated space for facilitation of crypto storage and transfers. Coinbase has had quite a share of flaws but this has happened to almost everyone in the upper crypto […]
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Bitcoin’s First Positive Month Since July 2018

Bitcoin is on track to record a positive month for the first time in 6 months. According to crypto trader Josh Rager, February will be a green monthly candle for Bitcoin if the flagship currency manages to maintain its price above the $3414 mark. Josh added that Bitcoin is working hard to achieve this status, a […]
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Globitex Introduces A Banking Solution With Instant Cash

Globitex, one of the leading crypto exchanges has made tremendous efforts in the market. The exchange has introduced Euro Wallet, a new service for crypto users. This new service will enable the traders to pay and get Euro payments in their personal International Bank Account Number. It works just like any other bank account in Europe. […]
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Commissioner Hester Peirce Insights On ICOs and ETFs

The US Securities and Exchange Commissioner Hester Peirce wants the commission to change its perspective on Initial Coin Offerings and crypto backed Exchange Traded Fund. Speaking at the University Missouri School of Law, she explored the SEC’s duty of protecting investors while promoting innovation. At the same time, she analyzed the different angles of viewing ICOs […]
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Crypto Friendly Countries You Can Base Your Business

The right location is vital to a business’ survival especially if you are in the digital and crypto space. Governments around the world are continuing to learn more about cryptocurrencies and whether to allow them to flourish or crackdown to obliterate their uprising. Laws being passed have a huge say and some jurisdictions are more […]
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Best Crypto To Mine In 2019

Crypto mining is basically validating transactions that have adhered to specific rules in the network and adding them. Miners compete with one another in solving mathematical challenge problems that come in crypto hash functions. The miners who find the solution first, are paid. The process of mining itself is done via various means. The best […]
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